MONTAUK HOTEL @ Gigonometry (The Workman’s Club, 13.07.2017)

Montauk Hotel

Lightning struck twice here tonight in The Workman’s Club as we got to see a second band who justifies the hype in the form of Montauk Hotel.  Styling their music on something they have christened shimmerpop appears to be an astute call as it captures your attention for all the right reasons. There is a hint of THE CURE in the air with the effortless veneer of ‘Eugene’. It hangs off a graciously cool vocal styling that hooks you. Overall it is a confident number served well by the bounce in the showing. Sounding out the dainty qualities with ‘Black Dress’ allows a lightness of touch be expressed in the rhythm. This adds to the enamoured appeal centres comfortably upon the barren and sophisticated inspiration drawn upon. How it does so is smartly considered and shows a proven quality yet again.

A more prominent indie stature holds on ‘Blind’. With this they bring a wanton gravity in the sound which resides competently alongside the rhythm’s lush stirrings. It is another stylised track not short on substance as a strong Californian bravado in the subtleties travels a lot further than just the west coast here. It forges a timeless sense of modernity in the trappings. From there the styling changes to a more calypso focused beat with ‘Sense Of Place’ and they revel in it as it all steps out cleverly. The managing of the overall build favourably gets behind all of this to become a sensible number that is oh so good one the ears at the same time. There is something easily picked up on with how they sound and that is the neat calling in places. It (pardon the pun) settles well on ‘Dust’. The bass is assured which compliments the overt touch in the drumming as it checks in. Everything is gathered here is a way that sits right and takes you along for the ride.

They staunchly shift direction with ‘Disorder’ as it gathers pace. Nothing holds back in how the hip styling is carried off. There is something slick on show but the funky side gives it a conditioned roadhouse vibrancy that becomes more assured with the surf rock fissures that creep in. ‘Stains’ is a bold number. Where this becomes assured is in the safe way it is followed through. The lyrics capture it all and the relative touches cleanly come through light it up. Here they take hold of a darling tune and carry it over with a leaner sense of intent coming from the vocals. From the remote foray in the build of ‘Into The Land’ everything is contained and built on from the intro. Steadily the pace picks up and it boxes clever as a tune when it takes flight. A kookiness resides here which grows on you that in the overall context of everything plays its cards right. Although it draws inspiration from an Orwellian perspective, ‘1984’ is not a dark number. Instead it is a suave effort with deft aspiration to be found in the catchy hook of the tempo. The deliberation felt against the wanton touch marries well with the vocals and lyrics to see it cut loose as it all comes across on stage.