SILENT INTERLUDE @ Gigonometry (Workman’s Club, 13.07.2017)

Silent Interlude.png

There are a lot of club nights that come and go on the Dublin music scene, but the key reason Gigonometry has remained a mainstay is because it focuses on what a great club night should always be about – the music. Tonight there was a focus on a quartet of fine Irish artists and we managed to catch three of those live, the first of which was SILENT INTERLUDE.

They are an act who have graced the stage here before and have been on hiatus to that favourite haunt of many an artist – the studio. Tonight’s performance showcased some of this new material before an audience, with ‘Feeling Inside’ getting things under way. Taking something neat from the turn on the opening there is a vacuous context that sits comfortably well with the neater overture that plays on through. It becomes equally sedate and this is measured in the vocals. Next up was ‘Glades’, which again captures a sullen temerity that is wonderfully rich. This gives the lyrics something enamoured to work with and it ties in tellingly with their shoegazer apparel. The way it drifts embraces scope but the meander has a velveteen calling that gives the backing vocals a tidy Thom Yorke showing to shake up the overall vibe. It led the set list nicely into a cover of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by Nirvana that brought its own soft dynamic from how they put their stamp on it.

Seizing upon that same lush touch brought ‘Dead Weight’ to the show. Here they play a smart card by compressing the vocals in way that stands up. While this is the case and the emphasis on the bridge is a big draw, you walk away feeling there is a degree of normality to the showing because it falls short somewhere. It is hard to pinpoint this exactly but where things are rounded on in the delivery the play firmly presses ahead. The progressive flirtation as it closes is a strength played to. Stowing away the bass on ‘Six’ again shows they can work something impressive into their music. This works cleanly alongside the guitar and becomes more elemental as the drumming comes in over it to patiently build in a way that pays off. The instrumental value is all contained in the rhythm but done so in a knowing way. From the determined cut in the tempo they closed out with a strong number called ‘Rising Tide’. How it all gravitates is squarely cornered and the deeper structures at work play well with the vocal delivery. This approach carries the sentiment of the lyrics and richly gives the song a deserved stature that builds in a highly intelligent fashion.





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