BOB SKELETON @ Gigonometry

Bob SkeletonFrom the very moment we walked through those very famous front doors of The Workman’s Club we had a feeling there was something special in the air tonight. We were greeted by the sheer stage presence of ETC in full flow on stage and we knew tonight was going to throw up something special for us – that something special came in the shape of this rather remarkable Galway based band.

The instant gratification of ‘See The Moon’ was equally lifted by the relevance of the opening riff. The sway of guitar emblazoned on an effortless wind of cool sums up how it sounded. Not only was it catchy as hell but the track itself is blissfully pieced together. Not only does it show they know their stuff but from the strength of their lyrics it denotes a band of immense potential. This sense of accomplishment was further enforced by the front on show with ‘Eggs For Breakfast’. They find a richness in the tempo that marries exceptionally well with the intent. Everything to admire is there in the delivery as much as it is in the excellence of the track itself. Another confidently pitched effort that hit the ground running followed called ‘Vivienne’. The way the aplomb filters through sells you on the band if you had any reservations before now. The sullen touch is fixed where it needs to be and this gives it a noted catchy overture that meets a hip indie sway. Something very akin to the flavour of The Dandy Warhols if you want to try and pigeonhole it, but it still very much retaining its own sense of identity in the process.

With a wonderfully executed roll of drums came the easy canter of ‘Trend’. The smartly tracked warmth lends the delivery a savoury touch. What it also does is open up the band more to their live audience because it showcases what they have in the proverbial locker when it comes to the music. Again they charge in with ‘Boiling Point’. The tightly worked execution souped everything up to 90. Yet they find their groove comfortably and this adds to the dynamic that is clearly blessed with depth. As the careful weighted nouveau disco chic kicks in this confirms the hooks as everything works its magic.

There is no denying the imagination behind their music and the lyrical countenance of ‘Quiver’ covers a lot of ground. This is backed up at every turn and they truly immerse themselves in the playing here. The stellar side of their indie credentials is clearly tracked and the modernity on show possesses a more ambient presence. ‘Too Late To See What Was Wrong’ is a thunderous number. The hipness and de facto of how cool it is draws suitable comparisons with Franz Ferdinand in their pomp. The Tex Mex undertone is merely hinted at but it adds resolve to the beat. While they may borrow something of an Arctic Monkeys influence here they also press ahead industriously in more ways than one.

Another one of their tunes which gloriously bursts into life is ‘If This Isn’t Love’ and is again matched with a reined in intensity. This collects in the urgency with a significant sense of determination as it takes flight. The timings carry a sense of calculation and this impresses all the more for how they rinse the catchiness out of it without coming up short. As the curtain came down on their set with the appropriately titled ‘When The Music Stops’ there is an undeniable sheen to how the intro sounds…like the way ‘Rocks’ by Primal Scream revels in the moment. This hooks you and the pumped up fever of the intro delivery then builds on the fine foundation suggested. Thankfully this gives the end product a clean sense of momentum. It has been a long time since a band has whetted our appetite like this.


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