WOLVES OF YOUTH @ Gigonometry


Tonight’s acts were all brought to you with the letter D and Donegal band WOLVES OF YOUTH were our second act of the night. Having travelled a long way to make it here tonight they showed no signs of travel fatigue and delivered a set full of energy and pomp. So much so they gave the room a deserved injection of energy that was lapped up by an approving audience. The furnished feel of the guitar fuelled their sound and carried across on ‘Start Again’ in a jittery fashion. But this was also collected in a fashionable sense and the vocals came across equally as steady. The delivery itself channelled the scope of the playing elements, albeit safely, but with enough on show to leave you satisfied. Then came the checked pace of ‘FIFA’ and with it they again brought a strong flourish of a realised guitar sound to the fore in the press. From there the flight felt rounded and by doing so they managed to flesh out all of the elements in a tidy manner that reflected well in the end product.

Things were slowed down a little with ‘It’s Not For You’ and this allowed the richness found in the rhythm come to the fore. How it is stirred has a hint of ‘One Headlight’ by Wallflowers tidied away in the undertone. Intentional or not it has a good hold on proceedings and works alongside the vacant touch in the lyrics. The impressive yield was then followed by a cover of James Arthur’s ‘Say You Won’t Let Me Go’ before the commercial drive of their sound got written over ‘Lately’. Here they have got their hands on a strong radio friendly tune. With the quickening of pace collecting on the rhythm everything falls into place by design. This sees the delivery step out with that backing the handling and leaving everything where it needed to be. With their current single ‘Say Something’ they again show that keen eye for delivering a radio friendly track. In some ways this is a by the numbers affair but they manage to lay down something with it. This is presented well and the way everything compliments shows that a lot of thinking has gone into it from the band behind the scenes.

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