TRIGGERING @ Gigonometry


Under the roof of The Workman’s Club another night of fantastic music took place with our good friends at Gigonometry. It also marked the first step in bringing across acts from our UK music networks with Liverpool act The Sneaky Nixons being second headliners on the night.

Dundalk band TRIGGERING got proceedings underway and with the steadfast surge of pace that brought it all through, ‘Holler’ signified the coming of a decent band. Giving off a distinct West Coast vibe in a way, the strong calling of the guitar dynamics are where they find the crux of the track. It moves with a clean sense of fluidity and when this combined with the angst of the vocal delivery it clocked in with a commensurate degree of indie chic at the same time. The raw and scatty vibe collected yet again on ‘The Strays’. The urgency here is something that meets with approval as it sets out a comfortable sense of groove. This adds to the composure of the lyrics and as it all comes together everything has a lingering quality that joins all the dots.

The tightness they have as a band shines through yet again with ‘How We Fly’. Here the ebb and flow is brought through with a hardened demeanour. It feels and sounds rather through. From this approach there is a leftfield sense of contention to be found. How this is all commanded is confidently seen through as the performance becomes more focused on the music.  ‘Stanley’ is another tune which opens on a strong note. Here things are clearly defined and the outline of the lyrics follows suit to give it a carefree saunter that fits well with the tempo. Then another confident pitch absorbs you in the moment as ‘In Revolutions’ comes to life. This is a bold affair and the way it hits you shows they are a band who know what they are doing. It has a stronger punk sentiment but the interchanges are what prove conclusive in the showing here. No doubt they can play, but when they lose themselves in the music they certainly take you along for the ride.

The tantalising flight of ‘Another Trip’ captures something impressive. In the directional shift the showing slows it down to give the delivery gravitas. Then it reverts back to a more full on approach. The strength of depth to be found in the lyrical referencing doesn’t go amiss either and when it meets with the showmanship present it completes the dynamics. The last track from the band really saw them hit form. Shades of authority hung in the air as ‘Be My Mouth’ opened and from there it drew notable, and deserved, comparisons with The Pixies. Even though there is a sedate blues feel that lingers it presses a seductive majesty as the sound progresses. This seduces you and gives the tune further credibility. It is this indifferent calling which concentrates the laissez faire touches in true splendour and draws you in.


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