As everyone knows we have a very strong working relationship with Gigonometry and it is one of the club nights we proudly sponsor. One of the main people behind that flagship is Mr. Dave Conway and his band was the second act playing tonight we saw. The strong Leonard Cohen vibe given off by the opening song ‘The Station Agent’ is astute. The movement in the tempo is astutely cornered and the detailed lift gives it a patient sense of choreography.  This pries a refined allure and the serious tone is an elemental one which pushes hard behind how it is fronted. The drawing of a subtle Thin Lizzy ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ vibe. How it is managed works and the violin applied on the bridge adds a touch of class. When you take into account the little Frankie Goes To Hollywood touch at the end you appreciate it all the more.

Ably the churn of guitar on show leads ‘Incredible’ in. This makes it easy to warm to. It also ably thrives on the sedate foray before it leans into a more anthemic intent. The cautious way it is all laid out makes the arrangement work and gives the band dynamics there moment to shine. Having passed out egg shakers to the audience there was a neater atmosphere working around the room when ‘Free Will’ got a showing. The composure in the opening grabs you. It also allows another tune with vacant stirrings come through. Here it deserves credibility but it is earned. The anomic fervour is akin to ‘Last Day Of The Miner’s Strike’ by Pulp and like their latter workings it is something that trades squarely on the isolation in the withdrawn aspects.  It is no mean feat that this same feat underlines the good qualities in their final track ‘Always’. The sense of scope is carefully managed by the relaying of the vocals. It meets well with how the bridge is scored, with the climb in the crescendo bringing some goodness to the mix that whets the appetites in a particularly satisfying way.

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