SARAMAI @ Jam For Syria


A lot of bands on the local circuit are on our radar, and tonight the mountains came to Mohammed as we finally got to see this act in the flesh. Our anticipation had been whetted by what we had heard through word of mouth and they came highly recommended to us on many occasions. A darling sense of opulence comes across on ‘Horizon’. Fittingly everything comes into play from a distant perspective and the tracking works like a dream. This is validated by the way the synth adds a retro attraction to proceedings and it prevails in a modern sense of maturity that makes everything adorable to hear. They draw on a sensible Kate Bush influence with ‘Ships’. Then the delivery shifts to a broader sense of majesty. In how comfortable the process becomes with the addition of the guitar work in the latter formations it leaves a lasting impression.

The assured touch they have works on ‘Heavenly’. Last week they uploaded the video for it. The patient build of the piano orchestrates the effectiveness. In those lighter touches you are drawn to this. The referential weight of the lyrics plays in alongside the marriage of vocals and lyrics in equal measure. So much so that the broader detailing carries a subtle undertone that plays on The Beautiful South’s ‘Song For Whoever’ and when you pick up on this little nugget you appreciate what they have accomplished here all the more for it. Settling into something more ambient with ‘Shed This Skin’ they find a particular sense of resolve that few bands manage to locate in their music. This is relayed and absorbed by the live performance. It is the embracing of the artistic merit here that inhabits the sheltered aspects. It gives the musicality foundation and on the back of this oeuvre they capture the track’s withdrawn essence. It id figuration also doesn’t place anything too overbearing in the audience which counts for a great deal here. The walked in intro of their last track ‘Young Wonder’ helps to settle all the play. All the pieces line up. With this approach a defined left-field sensibility is commanded in a committed sense of purpose. The lush manner on show is seductive and if you can imagine the air of cool that Air’s ‘Moon Safari’ album had then the contemporary feel of what is on show here would be on a par.

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