We had not come across this artist before tonight but his name was one we were familiar with and an upcoming single launch on February 15th looms on the horizon at The Workman’s Club. His style is something that borrows a little from Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard in places but he has his own signature as well. This is evident on his opening number ‘Hard To Walk’. A forthright keel is collected in the guitar work which ably sits back into the delivery. When this meets the silken touch in his voice it rounds everything out. But the hardened contrasts which saunters across as he holds back then cuts loose with aplomb.  ‘Change’ is a track inspired by a homeless man. Where it is littered with mindful metaphors in the lyrics it is direct in terms of how it flows. This in turn offers the narrative a fortunate sweetness and he comfortably runs with it.

There is a bit more to be found on the intro when it comes to ‘Set In Stone’. Here he closes in on amore innate sense of vacancy as he reflects in his delivery. This carries the sensible tiding through but it does meet more urgent moments and they are also caught in a solid manner. With the underhanded blues apparel, ‘In It For Yourself’ is a carefully played card. In the way the rhythm is checked it collars a lot in the neat pockets of play. This gives the delivery a kick and the live showing is also a credible showing in terms of how it heightens the appeal.  His upcoming single ‘100 Cracks’ is another well pitched effort. His command of the stage was presented well and this is absorbed fully into the acoustic elements here. The way it all moves artfully gets the tender aspects right and what he happens upon in the process is a diligently expressed number all the way through.

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