We have had this band on the U&I Radar since last year and due to illness their set was cut to a m ere four songs. How and ever it was a case of quantity over quality we are happy to say. The tinge of a Dusty Springfield meets Duffy vibe to their sound is one of the best things they have going for them.  Straight away this is what hits you with the groove on ‘Love You Can Trust’ is the showing of a track that has been constructed to be a clean affair throughout. The sedate touches of the vocals are also par for the course and they in turn pocket a commendable sense of sophistication in their refined application. The way the delivery works its charm is plain sailing from there on in. Again this commendable sense of Northern Soul works wonders with ‘Heartbreaker’. The soulful elements are stirring. They caress the tenderness of the lyrics. You also pick up on a sense of scope in the arrangement that notably stands out. They followed this with a cover of ‘Nobody Loves You Like Me’ by Etta James before playing out with ‘One Good Reason’. We were playing this a lot last year in U&I Radio and as debut singles go it has a lot going for it. The guitar riff is an act of seduction in itself. How it marries to the lyrics and vocals brings the revelry of the narrative right to the front. It is a choice affair and the steady climb in the lyrics is managed to steal a clever move as the rhythm finds movement.

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