SEAN ROONEY @ Gigonometry


Whereas 2016 might have been considered the year the music died here at Gigonometry we were determined to set out 2017 as the year that it is kept very much alive. Four acts took to the stage this evening and the first of which was this young solo artist from Kilkenny. With a whimsical number called ‘Feel The Same Way’ he got underway and it is the contentment of the lyrics here which really makes you take note. They are fashioned in a manner which gives the more opportune aspects depth and they are then tidied away as the drive of his voice carries it all across. As such the acoustic guitar setting of the delivery is incredibly appropriate here. Inspired by the 60’s mod scene is ‘Drink, Laugh, Kiss’. With the joyous lift in the rhythm this is a cleanly captured number that has a slight hint of a pre-Ziggy Bowie and this is willed on by the throes in his vocals.

You are taken aback by the confidence he has and this shows clearly with how ‘In A Heartbeat’ carefully collects the romance. It spills out in an incredibly endearing way. This is a bright and industrious display to which the careful crafting of the song hangs off everything in equal measures. His songwriting ability is underlined furthermore by the impressive lyrical weight of ‘Perfect Strangers’. The song itself is a carefully laid out number which plays in the patient aspects in a forthright way that adds the appeal with relative ease. His work tonight showed more than just one style and format. Taking his next song to a more urgent calling was neatly handled. This precision gave the flight of the guitar on ‘Everest High’ a sturdier sense of pace but at the same time you see how this number is also an effort that pushes him as a songwriter.

‘Edith’ is a number which concentrates on the more isolated and personal. This is competently reflected in the lyrics and is brought to life as it all plays out. The delivery leads into the chorus rather well it must be said and gives the overall performance a deserved sense of splendour as the calling moves it along. Given a kick in the showing is ‘Old Bones’ and finds a lot going for it in the spryness of the rhythm. The overall aesthetic is well framed and this shows for all the right reasons.  Pangs of angst in the narrative give his closing effort ‘Climax Of The Night’ and his vocals diligently press this. There is also something neat added from the rhythm. How he runs with this demonstrates a formidable sense of composure. He leans into it and how he does so meets the demands asked of him.






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