POPGUN WARFARE @ Gigonometry

Popgun Warfare.png

Closing out tonight and a fine 2016 of live music for Gigonometry was Popgun Warfare. With much to like about them as a seven piece they made that all count on ‘Cyclone’. It is heavy on the reggae style and the hanging touch it processes is fancifully felt. How they ready this seems to keep everything in accordance and the outlined sensibility is a clean work which is well worked collectively. A softer affair gives the playing of ‘Getting Better’ something more opportune, albeit something which plays by the numbers a bit too much. Not that it is a lazy effort, far from it, but rather it needs to have some more development. It is an effort which is granted sophistication in the showing but still lacking that finer quality.

This shortcoming is certainly made up for in the joie-de-vivre of ‘In The Woods’. This is an effort which finds inspiration in the off key. The animated performance adds to the fronting in a believable manner and the leftfield kitsch seized upon adds character to give the live delivery a sense of the enigmatic in every sense of the word. This was then followed by a medley of Aloe Blacc’s ‘I Need A Dollar’ fed into Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ before the carefree workings of ‘Out Of Gas’. With the pacier showing it proves itself to be quite the catchy number. They continue that same carefree approach with ‘Corona’, though this steps out with a more marked determination behind it all. The fall back is attentively cornered and the calculated turnings add up. ‘Infiltrator/Alligator’ is another spry number. A blistering touch of guitar makes you sit up and take note as the funky drives it on. This prominently adds to the proficiency in the dynamics and has a hint of ‘Inside Out’ by Diana Ross suggestively hiding away on the undertone.

‘Out To Sea’ sees them get straight down to business. All in all it is a contained effort but the interchanges are subtle from a musical perspective. This gives it a whimsical catch and it collects tightly. Again there is a stronger sense of contention on show with ‘Not My Circus, Not My Monkey’. This is a stand out effort from the band in the live sense. The flow and urgency are able to generate the necessary impact, while they also impress with the confident sense of composure that feeds into the delivery. But the night had to end and a cover of ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by Katrina And The Waves brought it to a close.

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