PECO @ Gigonometry


Just like The Ruby Sessions on a Tuesday night, Gigonometry is another club night on the Dublin music map that is steeped in a rich musical history. The opening act on the first ever night was Valentine black, who are sadly no longer together. Their spirit lived on tonight in the form of the show put on by their former front man.

As the confident brush of guitar came through on ‘A Sort Of Home Coming’ everything connected. The off- kilter touch added a deliberate sway which connected with his steady vocals. From this the overall performance on show has the requisite ebb and flow to suit the maturity of the lyrics. This same deliberation was again followed through by the betwixt quality of ‘Magic’ but in a more balanced fashion carried across by the richness of his voice. It capably sat upright with how the rhythm travelled. This, alongside the more rotund details in the showing, draws comparisons in the flourishes with The Goo Goo Dolls in certain places.  Everything that needed to necessitate here did so by design.

Coming off the back of that and basking in some old school rock’n’roll sensibilities was ‘No Harm Done’. It captures something catchy in the lift that sweeps you along in the moment. In a way it savours the sweetness lightly and there is a comparison to be made with Simon And Garfunkel’s ‘At The Zoo’ in the right places here. When you hear a neat trait like that in a song it stays with you. The shift in direction is marked by the determined opening line of ‘Grace Isn’t Easy’. The addition of harmonica to the set adds more flavour to the Americana seasoning in the sound. The heart is found in the conviction. What it manages to do is invigorate the pitching in a highly confident manner but the overall dynamic here is one that is nurtured in a way that brings a high degree of artistic merit to the fore.

The sense of authority lingering in the air with ‘Harbourmaster’ brings with it a passive aggressive style in the turning. The handling on show is relayed with a tremendous degree of front and this accommodates the skip in the guitar smartly filtering through in a comfortable sense. Overall there is something distinguished about it all and as ‘Self-Help’ plays through you sense that he has very much kept the best until last. Firstly, this incredible stomp grabs your attention as the intro kicks in and it is followed by the credibility behind the vocals as they stand tall. Everything is well versed in a way that presents a conviction on a par with Talking Heads. Then it shifts direction and is carefully guided as it does so. In the process a nouveau chic calling comes across before you are wowed again as it reverts back to how it originally sounded. When it comes full circle nothing is left short.

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