MILITARY ROAD @ Gigonometry


MILITARY ROAD are a Dublin outfit who are relatively new band and similarly to the local music scene. However they are fast getting gigs under their belt to smooth out the rougher edges, while they are also working with Gavin Glass at Orphan Recordings. For what they showed here this evening suggests they are a band with a large degree of promise as well. As soon as the cursive turn of the bass played through you stood up to take note of ‘Russian River’. From there a fanciful flight in the dynamic could also be picked up at other points. The handsome and tidy showing, in the process was also developed appropriately and the same approach also applied for how developed the lyrical depth also is. The last point was made more coherent with the shoot the breeze styling of ‘Come With Me’. In the spry fortitude there is a bravado displayed that has a tint of shoegaze behind it. Add in the charismatic turn of the band’s frontman and the undertone makes you think of The Smiths at the same time. The deserved slow build of next track ‘Happy’ stylises a 90’s indie chic. As the long bridge confirms this the emphasis on playing confirms the commitment of the band to finding their feet. There is also a quality to the high pitch of the vocal delivery that solidifies everything on all fronts here.

One of the tracks they are working on with Gavin Glass is their upcoming single ‘Set Sail. Not only is there a magical wanderlust traipsing through in the rhythm here but it also has a wonderful sense of completion about it when all things are considered. The arrangement denotes a rich affair in the workings. This is figured out fully in the way it lingers. The warmth of the composure then draws you in and it all comes through with the elements complementing each other appropriately. The candid romanticism of ‘Blood Loss’ neatly falls into place. What is nurtured is apparent in the intent and the charming side is a quality that is ever telling. In places though it is not as complete as the rest of their set, but it can be overlooked because of how tight the rest of the set has been up until now. Things then closed with ‘Nature’s Calling’. What they built this upon was a more mature gravitas in the sound. The darker overture was more prominent and the solemn touch cornered in the mood settles everything. It comes across as a more refined showing and the directional change is another neat string to add to their bow for how it is worked. Based on the showing here tonight they have a lot more about them than the majority of new bands starting off, but there is also a sign that they want to take it seriously as well.

They could be a band worth watching in 2017 on that.

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