U&I Radio – August 30th

U&I Radio Logo

We are now streaming the daily U&I Radio playlist on our website.
The selected tracks are:

  1. SANKOFA – ‘Sankofa Grasp’
  2. MAYBELLEN – ‘Emily’
  3. LIGHTS THAT CHANGE – ‘Voices’
  4. SILVERTIN –‘Sleeping In The River’
  5. SOFT BLONDE – ‘Lost In The Room’
  6. HOUDINI DAX – ‘Good Old Fashioned Maniac’
  7. DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON – ‘Let’s Talk’
  8. THE WALKING STICKS – ‘Take Me Up To The Sun’
  9. HONEYBLOOD – ‘Choker’
  10. AUDACITY – ‘Couldn’t Hold A Candle’

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent


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