KING KONG COMPANY – ‘Spacehopper’

What has always impressed us about this band is their appreciation for the video as an art form. Yet there is also a sense that they recognise its importance in the age of YouTube and the potential that that right video has to offer a band. Here they again come up trumps with a video that has their high octane signature stowed away int he music but careers forward with the manic quality that other tunes have had in the past. It still retains a formidable sense of vitality that is floored by the collective showing of the band. That anthemic feel is one that is carried off, but the real worth of this video is to be found in the leftfield subtleties. The LSD induced euphoria combined with the bingo hall setting just capture everything that is right about this one. It is so simple and yet it displays a high degree of imagination in the innovative way it all works its way through and keeps that collected showing together alongside the music to devastating effect.

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