GIRL BAND – ‘Paul’

What is highly innovative here is the approach to taking the novelty of something so mundane as kids costumed characters and finding the psychosis. That Hitchcockian-like fundamental provides the direction of the video with a twisted calling. It is somewhat archaic and the way that the raw sound of the track circulates deadens the visual in a kind way. Yet it corners something that has a majesty to it that locates the dark nature that is carried through in the narrative. That is fleshed out in a way that agreeably brings everything full circle. The impressive allure of the dark calling here is matched by the intensity of the tune itself, with the anomic virtue bestowed upon it from the lyrics being used to full advantage as the video descends into the madness of the central character. This is impressively directed and the flawless way that the video reaches its conclusion is one that sees director Bob Gallagher cement his credentials yet again by producing something of high art in the end product here.

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