MARTHA’S MAN – ‘This Feeling’

Sometimes you can come across a video that fixes a high sense of the artistic to the lo-fi pastiche of the end product. At times that can be down to the budget a band has and then there are other occasions where the video comes to pass off the back of a high degree of resourcefulness. That shows here. In the initial opening showing there is a hint of nostalgia that harks back to the bygone days of when TV really mattered for music. But there is also the interpretation that the video opens up with the minimalist showing. It is also possible that the performance is the artist playing to that bigger audience in his mind, and as such that imaginative touch adds something heightened and relevant. Another fine quality to be found here is the ample way that the tempo seems to add an extra sense of invigoration that is fixed to the running in a faithful way, in particular in the emphatic way that everything steps out.

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