SONAR – July 2015


For the SONAR feature in the July issue of Unsigned And Independent we are putting the focus on The French Connection and have a playlist comprising some of the finest emerging artists on the unsigned and independent French music scene. The selections for this month’s playlist are:

We are now streaming the daily U&I Radio playlist.
The selected tracks are:

  1. YOU ARE NUMBER SIX – ‘Afterparty Dancefloor’
  2. THE POPOPOPOPS – ‘Text Me Call Me’
  4. THE ODDMEN – ‘Houdini’
  5. CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS – ‘Saint Claude’
  6. BANQUISE – ‘Paintings And Paper’
  7. CALL ME CHERRY – ‘Hey Hey Hey’
  8. OPHITE – ‘Basic Mistakes’
  9. PART-TIME FRIENDS – ‘Art Counter’
  10. BYE BYE LEADER – ‘Compulsive’

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