DAVID KEENAN – ‘The Groundskeeper’

We were actually fortunate to be a the gig that this live recording comes from. One of the most promising artists on the Irish circuit, this Dundalk musician has it all going for him. Here he displays the potency of his songwriting ability in the learned observations in the metaphors. It is a detailed account giving which provides this tune with a formidable degree of potency. It is exacted in the delivery in a lean way yet it is all managed in the tracking to give it a further sense of commitment. The steady way he allows his voice to blanket the delivery glides across it in an attentive way, but with what is shown in the intimacy here he also invests himself within it all in an incredibly artistic manner. It is also a reflection of his output at the moment because how he is growing in maturity is now beginning to show in his musical output. This guy is probably going to be an artist to watch out for in the future for all the right reasons.

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