CATS PARK – ‘Fall’

This is a tune that has a sense of the cool that is immediately picked up on from the scope of the arrangement. The soothing class of the opening is almost on a par with the greatness that the classic Bond theme tunes used to have as their signature, From there the song is expertly guided through, and her vocals have a fitting Annie Lennox like quality to them that is equally as captivating. There is a casual joie-de-vivre to how everything collectively comes together. The richness of the texture suitably works alongside the direction of the video. Yet you are able to pick up on the ‘kitchen sink’ drama – in the same vein as Ken Loach would draw from his characters and cast – but watching the video to the very end suggests that there is more to the video than appears on the surface. the clever way it ends leaves it open to interpretation and it has an added sense of maturity in the ambiguity. That is what makes it showy without showing off.

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