THE DYATONICS @ Gigonometry

The Dyatonics 3Now and then we have the great honour here at U&I of coming across an emerging act while they are in a state of infancy that suggests an incredible degree of potential. From listening to their impressive self-titled debut EP last year The Dyatonics have been a band that have been firmly on our radar. From the storming set that we watched them produce here at The Workman’s Club they could very well be one of those bands that signal a new generation of real bands that have the music to back it all up. They finely got it all underway with ‘Intro’. What they showed in the telling precision here commendably brought the heavier touches through while allowing the collective pedigree to guide it all through with a sense of necessity. They were also quite comfortable in calling upon the resolve in the vocals. Overall they presented a style that was equally inventive and one with a careful consideration to detail. That impeccable showing was what really called the shots here.

The Dyatonics 2They then launched into ‘Slurr’. Here the high octane aspects in the pace are cleverly checked. It is ably fed into the tracking and that shows in how the timings are all spot on. What is neatly given off in the raw calling is fueled by an energetic tenacity that spills out in the music. Then the churning of the guitar on show with ‘Tin Foil’ denotes a leaner configuration in the sound. However this is matched by the invigorated sense of poise that filters through in the delivery here. Not only does it locate the relevance the band are looking to find but they flaunt it all in a way that sees nothing out of place. It is in their next track ‘Pinafore’ that they diversify. There is a heavier bearing to the sound again but it also meets tellingly with a stylish funk tone. Everything is wonderfully laid out in the way it all plays out. Found in the lyrics is a fortunate sense of exactness and this meets an equally effective showing in the overall handling. It is this development that provides well here by design.

You get knocked out by how real the dynamics of ‘Walk Away’ feel. The instant hook of the intro is enough but it is the confident way that the tine itself glides in that convinces you in the right way. The air of cool derived from the nouveau disco feel is brilliantly worked in. Yet they also brandish a tune here that rightly comes to pass with a readied indie calling that readily sees them pay their dues. Their closing track was ‘On The Floor’ and this is another spectacular affair from start to finish. The way it is delivered is innovative. With the spoken word approach, coupled with the hard indie sound, you draw a comparison with Ian Drury And The Blockheads. Yet it has this postmodern cut about it that is ably pitched. As a result the urgency kneaded through pick up the delivery in a compact way that adds to the potency that comes through in their live presence. It is off the hook but it still has something original about it that convinces.
The Dyatonics 1

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