What flourishes here is a steady balancing act between indie credibility which perseveres furthermore with the wonderful manner that the retro tracking adds to the style. This is underline with a hint of nouveau chic that adds a measured sense of class to everything. There is also something to the visual here that denotes the heart of being working class…akin if you will to a Northern Soul version of Saturday Night Fever playing out before your eyes. Add in a cameo from Keith Allen that doesn’t detract from the video and what you are left with is something that is rough around the edges which gives it a deadened apparel. Yet you feel that is part of the charm and helps the band wear their heart on their sleeve by staying true to their roots at the same time as allowing the music do the talking for them. It is a neat tune and the overall visual works form how well it marries to the approach.

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent



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