TANGERINE – ‘Tiny Islands’

Taking it’s time to lead in, the video proceeds to retain a high degree of lo-fi pastiche. The elegant touches of the production show in how they seem to embrace that in a totalised way that captures something of a Seattle based legacy. It is somewhat disenchanted and the disassociated context of how it sounds and plays seems to comfortably embrace that, yet it yields something of consequence in the minute texture on show. It is that essence of the core underground values that are suitably cornered that draw you to what the band are about. The drudge of the guitar, drum and bass combo adds a weathered touch that is deftly applied. This grants the sound a leaner cut yet there is also a harmonic in the lullaby-esque virtue of the vocals that drift across it comfortably to add a proven grace.

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent



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