SONAR – June 2015 (Swedish Network)


This month’s SONAR feature in Unsigned And Independent sees us focus on recommendations from our Swedish music network. We have compiled a playlist of 10 artists recommended that showcases how diverse our co-op network is in relation to some of the artists who are constantly working alongside our Scandinavian networks. Check it out.

  1. MARIGOLD – ‘Last Days Of Disco’
  2. CAJSA SIIK – ‘Higher’
  3. DOWNTOWN JUDY – ‘Feed It To The Birds’
  4. FLORA CASH – ‘City Love’
  5. STRANDED MERMAID – ‘If Dragons Could Cry’
  6. ÄLVEN – ‘Pusselbit’
  7. JULIA VERO – ‘Lilac Sky’
  8. LITTLE CHILDREN – ‘We’re Falling’
  9. MOODBLANC – ‘The Comeback
  10. PARISIAN PASS – ‘Los Angeles’

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