CLASS ACTRESS – ‘More Than You’

A stirring guitar riff blends a Tex Mex styling on the intro with a Lynchian Twin Peaks-esque opening shot. Then the synthesised callingrichly converses over the way it all sounds. Here you begin to note the neatness of the overarching presence of the track. But it is the blissful apparel of how the tempo enriches the running that you admire it for. The over sexualisation is one that exhibits a sense of female empowerment that is highly fashionable. That places the femme fatale as the central character in a forthright way without it feeling as though it is a cliché. This is also one of those tunes that gets better on repeat playing because the touches of noir add a sterling sense of beauty to the overall aesthetic that you don’t see too often. That draws a comparison with 90’s cinema and movies such as ‘Bound’ and ‘The Last Seduction’ could easily be cited as an influence here.

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