SICK OF SARAH – ‘Rooftops’

The word choice is rather fitting for describing the effective transition of the direction of the video. Initially it starts of in a black and white setting before colour gradually makes its way into the visual aesthetic. The monochrome focus on the central character (in this case lead singer Abisha Uhl) sets it apart in a neat way. It is how it syncs to the way that the track progression is keyed in that marries the direction of the video to the end product in the effective manner that is the end product. What is on show, combined with the full on choreography bringing it all to a full colour affair, gets everything right. It is a video that is carefully shot but in the simplicity it is extremely effective in the visual sense. Given the pro-LGBT views of the band it could also be seen as a nod to The Wizard Of Oz and Rainbow support as well. It does leave it open to interpretation in that regard, but you sense that has been overlooked here to primarily focus on the artistic merits instead.

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