The catchy synth hooks on the intro really kick this one off. It is a telling testament to the listless air of cool that collects on the tune, but it does so in a way that heightens the alternative resolve alongside the splendour of the retro kitsch that is fashionably felt out in the workings here. It gives it all an edgy sense of worth that also falls into place favourably. The OK GO and TALKING HEADS comparisons are there to be picked up on also here. All in all it is a balanced video and the astute characteristics that are picked up on in the tracking do provide it with an attractive roundness that gets underneath the tempo. The white suits are also a stylish point of note and add an extra layer of presentation that provides the proverbial cherry. This is a solid effort from start to finish that combines all of the retro elements but also polishes it off with a little hint of modernity also.

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent



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