U&I Radio – June 12th (Playlist #3)

U&I Radio 2

This is the third U&I Radio playlist.
Today’s selections are:

  1. CLONES OF CLONES – ‘Out Loud’
  2. BABY STRANGE – ‘Distance Yourself’
  3. HONEYMILK – ‘Light Entertainment’
  4. NATURAL CHILD – ‘Firewater Liquor’
  5. MINDFLOWERS – ‘Little Prayer’
  6. CASUAL SEX – ‘What’s Your Daughter For?’
  7. THE WHARVES – ‘Thick Syrup’
  8. BON BON – ‘She Don’t Want To Know’
  9. MILAGRES – ‘The Letterbomb’
  10. SHE SIR – ‘Kissing Can Wait’

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