THE STATICS @ Retro Revival (06-06-2015)

The Statics
Tonight was all about getting back onto the live music scene and seeing what it is all about. Sweeney’s is something of a second home for us and that is down to Dimestore Recordings and Retro Revival. They are two club nights we like to check out because they are one of the best sources of seeing emerging artists play live. In this instance we were here to check out two acts at Retro Revival – The Statics and Beatnik Hurricane.

The Statics are a band that we have seen perform before. Tonight they played ten tunes that showed why theya re firmly on the radar of certain people at the moment. From the very first chord of ‘I Know That You Know’ the pace is clever. That then leads into a secondary progression that sees things become more serious. They get into the delivery here and it brings a clearer cut to the way the tempo travels. It is highly compact and for that it is all the more commendable. Then things become supple with the deadened bass tone of ‘Light Sheltered Light’ also inviting you in. The richness of it here is met by the smart drumming in a way that is moody and balanced excellently. When it takes flight you noticed because they brought a telling sense of reckoning to it all that is equally configured in the lyrical showing. Alongside the pace on show here it all adds up formidably as the vocals are leaned into.

Another tune with a fanciful kick followed in ‘Fake Sorrow’ that exuded confidence from the off. The eventual way that this all builds sits right in the execution. The lay deliberation in the handling connects in a direct fashion. That trading considers the potential that the track has and it impacts strongly before slowing down and rearing back up impressively. They bring it all on the intro to ‘Goodbye’. In doing so the instrumental side is smartly condensed by the downtrodden righteousness that lights up the tempo. What also adds prowess is how the vocals are leveraged. That procurement is very stylish. The expressive way it is measured finds its way through by design to underline what is on offer. Quickened by the pace is ‘Simple As Lies’ and this is sweetly chased down. Pulled off in the approach here is an excellent degree of determination that keeps it all together. That is a thorough showing which is exemplified further by the wonderful old school values of the bridge. ‘Pigeon’ was a single release from the band and it is still shows why. There is an elaboration to it that is very clean as the catchy side takes off. That is a quality that stokes the 60’s revisionist vibes to incredible effect. As that runs through it all the richness of the calling boxes clever.

One of the things that this band do extremely well when they play live is call the vocals in a high fashion. This shows on ‘Get On It’ as it steadily comes together. There is a dandy sway as it eases off and the totality in the design shows. The playing arcs flirt with a lot of heft and the execution sees them break into stride magnificently. That was then followed by a chant of ‘Olé Ole Olé Olé’ from someone at the bar but it was quite cool when it happened. Lapped up by the band they just got on with everything as the fuck me riff on ‘Holiday’ took it off. This is one of those songs that moves you in the right way because everything is top drawer here. it is a lean showing that is highly developed by the taut showing that calls the shots. Then the sway of ‘Babe//Superstar’ adds up with the savoury allure. The estimation in how it breaks down displays a considerate touch of class. This deservedly brings it all together. But what is also deservedly noted is how the progressive parts tellingly work their way through. Hanging off this are latent psychedelic flourishes, but what shows the star quality they have is how they smash it here. Their last song was ‘Courage’. The gung-ho approach is checked on the opening and it grabs you in the right way. The take of clocks in and the deliberate way it shows packs a punch. They really tear it up on this one. The chemistry in the band dynamics blows you away and the middle section fully embraces the practicality.


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