BEATNIK HURRICANE @ Retro Revival (06-06-2015)

Beatnik Hurricane
The closing act at Sweeney’s this evening was Beatnik Hurricane. Fronted by Barry Sutton of The Las they played just four songs. However this wasn’t a case of them playing four songs for the sake of music. Instead each one held it together and the first of which was ‘Loopzilla’. In essence this is a mix-mash of a number of tracks – ‘Mess You UP’, ‘Saturday Night’and ‘Funny That Way’ – that just all rolled into each other. It is a very steady affair overall. The gilded sensibility matches up with the confidence exuded. What shows in the tempo gives everything an agreeable presence and the proven quality of the rhythm is excellent. It is very funky in how it gets down business and it is a long player that goes the distance. The second long player ‘Keep On Goin” again keeps things neat and funky. The energised ebb and flow helps it motor along in a fruitful way. The productive aspect of the vocals is also metted out alongside the instrumental values on show. How it is all doled out is carried off in a way that is highly absorbing to witness live.

‘Gimme That Funny Stare’ has an excellent off the hook feel. It is called out neatly and the assured footing of the delivery. This shows something more readied and again everything fashionably calls the shots. All the pace drops off and moves into a grand rail road funk styling. That richer blues calling stands out and there is a good twist in the lyrics. Closing it all out was ‘Scandalize’. This is a sturdy tune that is given extra precedent from the even handling condensed in the drumming. But here in the rhythm it comes across broader. This makes everything quite practical but it all flows in a way that shows for all the right reasons here. All in all, it was a set that just wanted to see the band jam…which is exactly what they came here to do.


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