U&I Radio – June 5th

U&I Radio

We are now streaming the U&I Radio playlist. Today’s selections are:

  1. BUNGALOW – ‘A Little More’
  2. PAPA –‘I’m Not Sorry’
  3. TAPE WAVES – ‘Hanging On’
  4. HYDE & BEAST – ‘Keep Moving’
  5. WINDBREAKER – ‘I Hate My Soul’
  6. BAY LEDGES – ‘Rainy Day’
  7. SANS PARENTS – ‘Coming Back To You’
  8. TEES – ‘Playground’
  9. PLOY – ‘Talk’
  10. FIREWOOD ISLAND – ‘Dancing In A Teacup’

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent

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