MARALISA – ‘Sugarbird’

Mara Lisa

Leaving aside the take it or leave opening of the young girl voice over things come to pass with a very candid showing on ‘Raccoon’. There is a favourable whim to how it all plays out. The softened characteristics on show are carefully enveloped by the validation of the arrangement, while the careful construction of the vocals also treat the listener to something rather homely. The astute way that the tempo guides its way through is a worthwhile consideration here and adds a sense of volume int he lightness of touch conveyed. Then comes ‘Twice’. the telling way the reflection of the vocals sits alongside the fragile aspects of the narrative are wonderfully steady here. The way that the play builds allows things to carefully build and hold up. It is a warm affair indeed. There is an attentive awning to things that is precise. With how the finesse is applied musically there is another of consideration that comes into play in an eventual way. It is a careful effort in so many ways and that gives the safer feel a conclusive level of balance. The final track is ‘Paint’ featuring SKRD. The opening is rather diligent. You sense a degree of scope on the intro and then it pulls away with a very formidable procession to it overall that holds cleanly. The direction of the song accommodates the hip hop/freestyle vocals and this develops the song with relevance. It has an apparent connection and the layering if the song is seriously impressive. This is something with a large showing of innovation as much as it a crossover of styles and genre.



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