CALLING APOLLO – ‘Hunter | Gatherer’

Calling Apollo

The first track ‘Hunter’ is an effort that plays well but it also has a by the numbers feel. As such there are aspects to it that are unnecessarily included. As a result everything doesn’t gel as well as it could. What works is the way it is directed because this allows the delivery to gather appropriately. The vocals are carefully constructed, even if a little light lyrically, but it is overburdened slightly with too many playing elements. There is a soft intro to ‘In This City’ which is ushered in finely. This is a more sheltered calling and it is a song that progresses along attentively. The pick up and urgent way it plays out after things become harder is processed firmly. The repetition in the rhythm benefits from how it is all laid out and that gives the feel of it a leaner call that is warmly received by the listener.

Again the harder handling of ‘Chemical Breaker’ expertly gives it lift before breaking down in an evenly noted way. The balanced flow of the track is cleverly worked. What is also apparent is the lighter touch in all of the avenues. They are carefully orchestrated and the contained way things break down allows it to pick up where and when it needs to. This calculation offers up a noted sense of distinction which sits right without losing track of anything as the playing arcs believably change direction. It is all in the handling here it must be said. ‘Monsters’ is another quickened affair that shows how good the band are when they are on top of their game. It has a pomp in the stride that suitably accentuates the raw cut of the track. The well reasoned approach provides it with an edgy derivative that is carried across without it feeling bland. In the brash workings there is a loaded weight but things are not pulled down by it. Rather they branch out suitably and the lyrics also evoke something spirited that mirrors how it all sounds. With final track ‘Gatherer’ everything comes full circle. This sounds totally different to the rest of the EP. The delivery exercises a more remedial showing. The way it is considered alongside retains some of the identity of the previous tracks but also develops things in a more precise way. Musically things add up and the folds in the play are apparent. By design things are slowed down and controlled which sees the broader scope of their intention also carry across.


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