JUNK – ‘Car’

Junk (York)

Inspiring and relevant are two appropriate superlatives that fit the opening track ‘Matches’. The pockets of charm in the tune are carefully woven into the fabric of the song and accentuate everything superbly. The sleight of hand that is worked into the calling here is excellent. The standard is a calculated one which shows how on the money the band are with this track. It has a sedate sense of worth that gives it an exclusive ‘for the cool kids’ feel but also backs it up with real substance. That is again repeated with the opening line of ‘Car’. You feel an influence from bands like The Mouldy Peaches here in a big way. Yet there is a resounding level of appeal here that underlines everything that the band are about. The acoustic aspects of the track help it to box clever. More importantly though the balance between the acoustic side against the harder grunge styling gives it a considerate level of weight that is superbly condensed in the running to brilliant effect.

You are immediately drawn to ‘Pictures’. The cool factor is very much on show and it is easy to see. The agreeable way everything is objectified sits upright on this track. The clever way it is processed is impressive to say the least. A softer calling is found here but it amounts to a great deal in a conclusive way. The sedate showing is contained vocally and in the tempo. That combination boxes clever in the delivery here. In how it all runs the softness of touch is hardened ads the tune progresses. How that manages to get behind the delivery is excellent and adds to the maturity in a suitably brilliant fashion. With fourth track ‘Polystyrene’ they again come up with the goods. This is a well thought out track. In how it takes off the impact is assured. The way the steely determination is traced in the outline is matched considerably by the vocals. You are transfixed by the cool here but it is a demeanour that meets with a determination as the playing all adds up. The steady hold of the lead guitar shows purpose but it also hangs off to allow the shared vocals take centre stage here. It is fronted excellently and is akin to the very early workings of Belle And Sebastian for all the right reasons.


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