Soda Ocean

‘Up & Down’ opens proceedings and it is a very exquisite blend of indie pop and nou-disco. The way it comes full circles pushes a refined degree of weight through in the delivery which adds the necessary kick it needs. The rich way the tone keeps it all together also sees everything come full circle with real aplomb. The right touches add to the flair on show and it is clever in the way it all travels. After that comes ‘Home’. Again there is an accountable showing in the way it is endearingly worked. As the formation gets underneath the play it is all brought to bear. A quickened calypso rhythm adds a hint of fervour that is highly stylish and sits upon everything prominently. How the brash feel against the lusher attributes is brought to bear shows for all the right reasons here.

As soon as the opening line takes hold of the song, ‘Mr. Smile’ takes you along for the ride. As it builds you take note of how it steadily begins to come together. The latent psychedelic touches are relevant and they serve to furnish it with a broader outline in some ways, but it is all done in a way that adds value. With the confident way it all weighs in you note the exuberance on show but that retro calling is something that is smartly checked to galvanise the appeal of the track. They really show what they can do when it comes to ‘Down Magazine’. From the intro you sense that this is a more ambitious offering. Within the spacious and deliberate layering there is an incredible degree of depth that is richly relayed. The seductive traits are a sophisticated consideration which also draw you in. There is an endearing foundation to the sultry calling here which not only keeps it grounded but brings it all full circle with telling distinction. With closing track ‘Turquoise’ they again resort to calling upon a calypso style that meets a modernity. The result is highly impressive in terms of how the arrangement works, but it has a lot going for it from the vocals. As the tempo picks up everything falls into place by design but you also see how it is all built around the vocals. That comes somewhat unexpectedly because of what you assume will follow from the intro and because of that you come to recognise that there is more to this track than initially thought. Avery clean tune that is tracked in a token way with the latter progression and, as such, on that fittingly closes out a very fine EP indeed.


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