DUTCH PARTY – ‘Astral Nights’

Dutch Party

This is a very good EP and the opening track ‘Paper Moon’ is a commendable offering indeed. What grabs you first is the piano arrangement. That is a calling that is fixed to the running here in a tantamount way. There is a detailed formality found in the tempo that steadily employs the lightness of touch alongside the harder pick-up but still keeps it all grounded. This is a very glorious tune with a noted sense of anthemic about it live you feel. After that comes the taut shift of the guitar riff that opens ‘Storm Of The Century’. Again there is a countenance processed alongside the piano, although here it is not as prominent. The way the vocals build safely alongside the lyrical progression is a rather astute and the catchy side of it is considered in a very pertinent way. With ‘Echo Girl’ things develop in a very cool way. The synthesised metronome reaqlly brings it all up a level. While the way the vocals drag through also seal in a real air of confidence but match it with a true degree of substance. This is an outstanding tune and it gets better with each play.

The greatness of ‘People Always Say’ is found in the opening. The broad strokes on the intro preside neatly over it and they fall away to allow the song breathe. The essence of the song is ably considered. The high rush of the vocals yield something of real note here. They are processed and how they fill out on the track in a truly wonderful way. Then things move on with ‘Lucky With You’. This track is a harder showing and the departure in style is marked in a kind way. It is duly processed. The way that the tempo drives the marked time favourably embraces the pop calling but extends a heightened sense of appreciation with the latent New Wave calling in the later progression. Not just interestingly titled, the final track ‘The Stone Who Stood Alone’ stands up in its own right. You are drawn to the sedate vocals and their sunken presence whets the appetite. How the whole track is lead in sits right from the off and it proceeds along rather confidently, but also in a way that is incredibly fortunate in its own enamoured way. What a great tune indeed.



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