DOWNTOWN JUDY – ‘Downtown Judy’

Downtown Judy

You can’t help but fall in love with the first song on the EP ‘Coming Home In The Spring’. There is a telling sense of resolve in the passive calling. That is played in nicely off the back of the vocals but what is also interesting is the neat way the harder showing in the later progression neatly contrasts against this. The ornate handling is reflected in the instrumentality on show and that holds a sterling sense of virtue that is central to the delivery. The delicate handling of second track ‘Keep Rowing’ imbues it with a neat calling. There is an intent behind the lyrics which add earnestly to the song from how they set out the terms in their lonesome reflection. It has this interesting canon about it that is partially folk and, in equal measure, somewhat influenced by a jazz calling.

You can;t help but draw a Joni Mitchell comparison with ‘My Friend’. It is a becoming effort and one that sees her catch everything right. The able cornering of the majesty also crosses over in a way that is commendable. What is favourably called upon stands it good stead but it is a fulfilling track with a captivating presence in the depth of the underrated calling. That carefully adds an unassuming level of weight that promotes everything in the right way here. As it opens there is a clever calling that abounds on ‘Nights Like These’. This is cleverly worked through and the steady Americana ambling adds a real sense of worth as it fastens to the delivery. The definition in the way it is all projected is also fashionable and is matched by a suitably vocal performance which gives it all a telling sense of worth alongside the lyrical context on show. How that song comes to pass is mirrored by ‘Northern Song’. This time around it is a more enamoured affair with a solid sense of distinction. In the reflective context of the lyrics the depth is personified vividly. That captures a picturesque falling and the way it comes to pass is favourable. But it is the steady way she cuts loose here that showcases a broader sense of touch that brings it all through.

What a truly wonderful EP.



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