BL0SH – ‘Keep Your Tongue’


This delightful Norwegian to get things underway in a sophisticated way with the opening track ‘Bite Your Tongue’. There is a neat keepsake virtue to every aspect that is on show which gives it a darling feel. That is cleverly processed in the approach with a steady sense of flight apparent from the off. That is matched by a parlance in the vocals which adds a delightful hint of telling class which presides neatly by design to also accentuate the lush touch in a sleight way. With ‘It’s The Kind Of Lie’ the tempo takes over and it is rather abject, but they still retain that chic sense of identity musically. Adding to the pronounced tempo is the deadening of the rhythm which gives it a lighter resolve in equal measure. That adds up and there is a distinction to the somewhat leftfield touches on show as they serve to capture the essence of the song as the delivery builds. The conclusive modernity in the pop trappings is also carefully calculated and it lingers in a way that doesn’t feel unwarranted. Holding an open calling favourably is ‘See You Again’. This sees the tranquil poise of the delivery find its feet. With the sedate attributes considered the tender way it is processed comes to the fore, but it is done in a way that is highly relevant. The tracking keeps to form and that also helps the song grow on the listener. The fourth and final track is ‘Mírame’. From the pleasant way it is laid out you appreciate the folk aspects on show. What they add to the mix is resoundingly evident and, as such, the passive showing feels warranted. How it is approached corners the goodness of the song and it is relayed in the vocals in a way that is very easy to appreciate.


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