Cold Committee @ Sound City (24/05/2015)

Sound CityThe Cavern Stage felt like a second home to me by the time Cold Committee graced the stage. The room was already full with faces and thick with the warmth of a hundred bodies closely compact like a tin of beans. They didn’t hesitate for long before tearing into their first track which immediately struck me as ‘decent’, or ‘decent’ was the first word I scribbled down into my notebook anyhow. It hit me as poppy but with an indie overload. It also reminded me of the likes of The Strypes. The greatest part of their first track came at the end of the song, as the roaring chorus of polar opposite cacophonies declined to a single peculiar note. ‘Good choice’, I thought. Unlike the other bands I had seen, Cold Committee were not afraid to converse with the crowd. ‘This one’s called’ Run Back’’ muttered the front man. Again, it seemed quite mainstream and poppy but it was certainly towards the better side. What I liked in particular was the lyrics. Too frequent are the lyrics that just don’t make sense. To me, it doesn’t make you Joyce or Malcolm Lowry if your lyrics are unintelligently nonsensical – I like a story, and ‘Run Back’ delivered, unlike that Jools Holland cunt Ezra Furman. Cold Committee’s third track was ‘Only You’ and, again, the four piece concluded the song with yet another incredibly powerful ending. Track four was ‘Ghosts’. It was good but I started to feel like all of the songs were rather similar. They were all ‘good’ but there was a great lack in any noteworthy uniqueness between songs. Until… ‘Masquerade’. Their final song of the set. ‘Masquerade’ was and is a loud, atmospheric, meaningful, enigmatic and unique. A bomb of a song which explodes each and every time it is played. It is complex, dark, deep and fantastic. They could not have chosen a greater final song. Something to cultivate all of their power and capability and to tear the room apart with just before they flee the stage. Towards the end of the song the rhythms all conjoined and built up continuously and constantly and constantly until the great squeal of nothingness. A split second of silence before the crowd burst into applause. Cold Committee came back and strummed a few chords of an outro before walking away once more.

Review by Joe Loftus


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