CANDY DARLING – ‘Going Straight’

There are moments when the opening line of a song signals the intent of a band to let you know that they mean business. Here it is confirmed alongside the additional weight that the sultry voice of Emily Breeze which is unapologetic in how it seduces you. What is also glorious is the lazy way this moves through to become a lavish tune with a blanketed sense of psychedelic touches adding the necessary flourish to an already neat tune. What the Bristol based trio’s video conjures up in the visual aesthetic is also impressive. The inclusion of the audience and their respective face masks and make-up adds a neat sense of fetishism. What that adds alongside the minimalist call of the direction processes the finite qualities to further create impact. It is rather pat and the stray calling of the sombre tempo is another reason to admire the texture on show here. Overall it is a tune with a steadiness about it that has a chic rhetoric that is entirely of its own making.

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