WE WALK WALLS – ‘Little Lies

One of the first things that stands out from watching this video is the heightened sense of relevance that the black and white aesthetic affords it. How the track progresses curtails some agnostic sensibilities in the visuals that are incredibly impressive. How it sounds adds a noted weight that is processed formidably. The way the steadiness seems to close around the running adds an apparent projection upon it all that is rather prolific. It does have an expansive temerity locked down in the delivery which is calculated, but how this is called upon tidily brings everything full circle while maintaining that deliberated sense of artistic integrity. It is the interesting contrast between the nomadic central character viewed as an outsider by all of the other groups she encounters. That being an individual is somehow looked upon unerringly and that can be interpreted in a number of ways for a cavalcade of metaphorical reference if you let it.

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