Polar States @ Liverpool Sound City (Friday, May 22nd)

Sound CityAs I wandered into The Record Store the atmosphere was rife. One of community and drunkenness. Polar States finally finished setting up and their first song kicked in after a casual ‘alright’. They opened with ‘Brooklyn’. Brilliant, I thought to myself. This is melodic, uptempo and exciting! The crowd continuously grew to a state of intense intimacy and tightness. Similar to the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Catfish and the Bottlemen and the incomparable brilliance of what once was Paraffin Oil Shop, I was left excited for every next chord and beat. As one song finished the next began, ‘Nightfall’. The crowd swayed in response to its youthful rage. They danced amongst the infectiously brilliant stench of a freshly lit joint. It then became apparent to me that soundcloud does not do this band any justice. They we’re almost Defeater-esque in their power, something which had never entered the very depths of my mind whilst listening to them online. As ‘Nightfall’ drifted from its climax into mere nothingness the band’s vocalist spoke an anecdote of how their next song, ‘Concrete’, is now in the charts on Radio One and was written from inspiration a homeless couple gave him. I was reminded of a snippet of wisdom I was given by a homeless man in Manchester just today; his name was Danny and he said: ‘We are all the same. Just some of us sleep on concrete.’ Everybody lost their shit and fell about the place but to me it was the weakest of all of their songs. ‘Is it just because this is in the charts?’ I asked myself. People are strange. Good people though I guess. The following two songs of the set disappointed me. The drunken crowd enjoyed the tunes but for my sober mind I wasn’t too impressed. It seemed that their set had declined as their ego’s stepped up a notch. However, the penultimate song of the set, ‘Shimmer’, took it all back home. The power, the inventiveness, the excitement. Thank fuck! The last minute of ‘Shimmer’ was wholly flawless. Mindblowing. I wanted to throw my notepad in the air and devour a joint myself, but I held back and took my passion out in squiggles. And then it was over and they hit the first few chords of their final song, ‘Drive’. Again, the music was melodic and technical, beats beyond the comprehension of the average ears, and exciting, and flawless, and fresh! But to me this band needs a new vocalist. They have everything besides the vocals. And I don’t mean the guy can’t sing as in a sort of Robert Smith, Shane McGowan, Kevin Rowland sort of way, I mean, he just can’t sing… If they can sort that out. This band has capability beyond compare.

Review by Joe Loftus



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