The initial opening shot int he video is a stark one and then it cuts away to the music. The intersection is a sharp application, while the visuals are strikingly rich. They imbue it with a prominence and distinction. The able way that the tidy tempo if the indie pop sensibilities bring it all full circle are impeccable to the noted ebb and flow that billows away here. It is a glorious affair and one that more than holds its own.

The direction is also a smart touch. The opening shot suggests a darker calling. The despondency is a steady narrative hinted at throughout and the way the video cuts away to the central character draws you in. But in a way it sort of becomes a Dickensian story when you take the beginning, middle and end into consideration and assess how they factor into the process of the video as a whole. It is also well shot and edited which counts for a great deal in that regard.

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent


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