GENEVIEVE – ‘Colors’

It is hard to actually pinpoint what brings the brilliance to this video the most. The tune itself is an impeccable number that affirms the statement that ‘pop is not a dirty word’. The lush allure of the tune is confidently processed. It is a certified creative showing that finely sees style and substance meet where they should. There is no denying that it is innovative. That is matched by a definitive video and it is incredibly imaginative it must be said. The contemporary appeal here is something that is met head on. The resulting tune is an absolute gem.

What is also impressive about the video is the intelligent way that it tells the story. The opening has a hint of isolation about it that gives way as the protagonist of the story meets the others. In a way it is a lot like The Wizard Of Oz, albeit unintentional or deliberate; but it is open to interpretation. As the story begins in black and white and closes out in colour can draw an assessment that it may be a tribute. But it is a very well shot video. The freestyling choreography also adds a splendour in the visual sense and that is something that carries it all through. It is quite whimsical but you sense that is the point because it is very much a tune full of life.

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