ADMISSION @ Gigonometry

Admission1We have that this next band really blew us away, Without any introduction they just got up on stage and let the music do the talking. With ‘Call & Rescue’ they get straight down to the task at hand. The clever way this builds oozes confidence and is matched by the tight fronting of the rhythm. There is also a good cut to the lyrics which adds up and that is displayed equally from the vocals. They then dropped an acoustic guitar into the mix. But instead of softening the sound it instead served to deaden everything and bring a commendable sense of depth. It made for an interesting change of direction. The way that this is then pressed ahead makes the delivery rather favourable and presentable. There is a sedate nature to the vocals that also offers an interesting contrast against the leaner sound. The real deal qualities to this one are very much put on show.

‘What Is In’ proves to be very grounded and the taut showing in the vocals comes through and adheres to the tracking exceptionally well. There is a solid transition between the movements in the paly and that offers something considerable to the playing dynamics on show. Their fourth song on the night was ‘Lenny’s Head Is Gone’. The sunken candescence here works well alongside the morose attributes that suitably fall into place. It becomes a gung ho showing but is suitably delivered. The choice feel to the sharpness makes it formidable and connects the dots. The drum and bass combination being something that adds a considerable degree of menace at the same time. They again show their inventiveness with ‘Ascending’. It has a spry sensibility that is effective. But what is really telling here is the way that the systematic flourish in the rhythm brings the shoegazer tidings to bear. The way it is all processed also gives it the push it needs.

Admission2Squarely focusing everything is ‘Paralyzed’. It showcases how well the band work collectively it must be said. The dragged flow of the guitar against the drumming tastefully wraps around the overall delivery. What shows has a sterling sense of urgency and is compacted accordingly. The heavy side of the showing is ushered in and treated well in that regard. The careful way it is all balanced allows that vocals to be heard over the playing which matters a great deal. A modest virtue befalls ‘The Blues’ and it builds up from the lyrics. How it all fits in shows an added dimension to them as a band Another showing that works extremely well here is the beat because it adds a lot in how it frames the delivery. Their entire set had a degree of excellence about it that was closed out by a suitably excellent standard with their last track ‘Cartoon Freak’. The acoustic guitar adds a maudlin feel before the urgency kicks in brilliantly. What really shows their ability in the right light is how they deliberately build the anticipation. It is what gives it something solid to work from.

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