ORPHAN BOY – ‘Black And White’

If ever a music video and tune embraced the finer qualities of what makes them Northern this is it. The distinct drawl of the vocals meets something quintessentially indie. That is then backed by a hardened indie rhetoric that brings it to life. The intricate aspects show in the tempo. The New Wave temperament is pitched in a way that adds tellingly as it hangs off everything in the background. As the synth element is kept in check it also seems to evoke a Joy Division touch as the beat kicks in. It plays like a dream, while the concept behind the direction just brings it all to life. It is something with a commendable degree of beauty in the modern urban – a postmodern Lowry-esque piece of work in the visual sense if you will – and backed up by a telling amount of poise to give it an added sense of worth. You feel the working values of this tune as much as you pick up on in the narrative which is why it is such an effective piece of work.

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