SONAR – May 2015 (Sydney network)


This month’s SONAR places a focus on acts recommended from our music network in Sydney.
This month’s selections are:

  1. NOVA AND THE EXPERIENCE – ‘We Are The Children’
  2. THE DANDELION – ‘In The Shadow Of Light’
  3. THE GRISWOLDS – ‘If You Wanna Stay’
  4. JENNY BROKE THE WINDOW – ‘See You In The War’
  5. MONTAIGNE – ‘I Am Not An End’
  6. LUPA J – ‘Waiting For Her’
  7. BATTLESHIPS – ‘In Time’
  8. THE GREASE ARRESTOR – ‘The Freakout’
  9. THE ELECTRIC VOGUES – ‘Feelin’ Green’
  10. THE WALKING WHO – ‘Getting It Together’

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