PADDY HANNA @ Whelan’s

Paddy Hanna 1We first came across this artist when he released his video ‘Austria’ quite recently. Further enquires have seen us learn that he is a very busy individual and someone who is very much in demand among his peers. Tonight he was here supporting Little Xs For Eyes and from the deadened showing of ‘Julie Andrews’ sweetly resides in a manner that caresses the soulful attributes to allow the lonesome awning cleverly consume the song. The bespoke derivative it possesses in the narrative adds appeal from the knowing way the guitar is worked through. Keeping the flow in the tempo to a good level of ability brings something relative to the live showing of ‘Rattling Chains’. It all comes to settle in a rather resounding way. With that there is also a justified level of appeal in his voice which encompasses the lightness of touch that abounds in the select touches. With a more upbeat prominence comes ‘Barry White’. How he corners the urgency is reflected from how the running in the guitar converses. The rich manner displayed allows things to come through in a withdrawn way but equally so in a more leisurely one.

From the sad detail in the movement comes ‘Camaraderie’. This has a jaded quality to it that is descript in how it hides away. The obscure touches of it attempt an art house oeuvre that isn’t necessarily pulled off. It does bring something of The Velvet Underground across here in the later progression but you can’t help but think that where it loses its magic is in the lack of a full band behind it. Things become more intricate with ‘On This Pier Today’. The sedate feel of the guitar, alongside the darling display that holds the playing together, levels a great level of detail in the observation of the lyrics. This gives it a more sombre sense of worth from the gradual ebb and flow on stage.

DSC_0020There is a suggestion from how it collects that there is some ambition behind ‘One Good Eye’. The way it is hinted at is matched by the resolve on show here and the minimalist way it is teased through is subtle to say the least. What came next can only be described as wonderful. The sober calling of ‘Austria’ offers real poise from the measured degree of sincerity found in the value of the song. This is a conclusive value that is carried across in the performance. For his final offering ‘Join The Army’ there is a skilful pique about the tune. The careful nurturing here gives it all an obvious cut that is refined in a way that joins the dots. What is also a dutiful application is the harmonica. But overall it is a courteous effort and the vocals reside in a deepened fashion that is rather dependable.

Photos courtesy of Dom Marceleno (U&I Gigs Photographer)


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