KAT VINTER – ‘Downtime’

What director Anton Koch has achieved here deserves to be praised. From watching this video all the way through you are left in admiration for his art and feel privileged all the more for having seen it play through. In the black and white aesthetic there is an effective use of style. What further develops that in the visual context is an effective combination of strobe lights and subtle CGI effects. Nothing here distracts you too much. If anything the minimalist-humanist approach is highly referential. That is an influence that is embraced which sees the chic allure fall into place by design here. With this in mind the track itself is also highly developed and turns on that indie-nouveau in a way that assesses everything in the delivery in a way that is par for the course through and through. All of the elements are steadily focused and contained in way that smartly keeps it all on track.

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