I AM NIAMH @ The Fluffy Noise

I Am Niamh 1With the impending release of her debut album just around the corner (and the launch gig being May 9th in The Freemason’s Hall, Molesworth Street) it was a good testament to what people can expect from that upcoming gig and what her album has to offer. Her current single ‘Wonderland’ opened everything here tonight in The Mezz. What stands out here is the volume of the piano and how it is consummately exerted. Alongside that showing there is a tamer quality in her voice which rests admirably across the delivery. Here is exemplifies a somewhat fortunate calling from how it helps build the song. Then of course there is also the subtlety of the tracking which enriches everything on show alongside the backing track which neatly builds mood and tone from how it favourably adds to her performance. Her second song ‘New Home’ is an ode to one night stands but it also has an edgier side that brings forth the starker qualities. Behind the darkened tone and sexualised undercurrent it holds a noted sense of detachment. It hints a post-modern sexuality in a way and the lyrics match this in an appetising way. It is bold and daring, and doesn’t delve into a territory that is a social commentary. Instead it is something that places itself in a moment all of its own making. While it is eccentric and erratic there is a sense of mastery to how it all unfurls.

I Am Niamh 2Things become more prominent with ‘London’ and she does find her calling here (pun intended). The upbeat tempo is expertly teased out here. She considerably ups her game by showing how invested she is in her art here. The hint of retro trapped ably comes to pass and it specifically hides away before being followed by a change in playing arcs. In doing so nothing seems to be lost as it slows down before picking back up. When that occurs the hooks in the rhythm are felt more deliberately. She closed out with ‘Creep’ and this has a sense of isolation about it that is teased through appropriately. What she seems to bring to the mix here is articulated to accommodate a spacious sense of anomie that is occupied in the delivery in a prominent way. That is concentrated abstractly and allows the expressive side come to the fore. Another attribute of note here is how the haughty quality in her voice helps to carry it all off with such accomplishment.

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